"Techniques will help you but Instincts will save your life." - Antano Solar John

This is a repository of the finest NLP procedures with which you can help people break past decades of limiting behaviours, habits and emotional patterns in minutes and create new choices easily, innately and fast. 

Assimilate not just 'how' Antano & Harini create these miraculous transformations in minutes but also the wisdom and the ATC mindset packaged in each of these procedures that allows them to nail what changes that will actually compound over time and use language in very precise and artful manner that allows for the person's neurology to generalise and spill over these changes in every aspect of their life. 

The commencement of your EIT Education. 

ATC - The art of reverse-engineering the precise, strategic adjustments in an individual that will help the person accelerate success & Launch his/her legacy in compressed time -  represents the core of Excellence Installations Technology.

This course helps you develop the ATC mindset, thinking and intuition so that you start to develop the Systemic thinking and Predictive intelligence to arrive in the fastest and most elegant way possible, the key personal transformations that will help an individual achieve accelerated results in compressed time. 

This is a new initiative to get as much EIT Education rolling out until we can meet again at the Live Installation Mega Consultation and uP! Events. 

The focus during the lockdown is going to be understanding installations and the consequences across different aspects of life.

This Program is for people who are pursuing the EIT Education and is eligible for Shadowing ATC Diagnostics. The program intends to get people ready and able for arriving at an ATC list with integrated life outcomes even in situations where the the ATC specialist has not much life experience in the contexts that they are helping the individual achieve Time Compression.

Metaphoric storytelling & parables are the fastest way to make targeted transformations in people's behaviours, mindsets and even character innately and naturally. In this course, you learn to Install new behaviours, genius capabilities, traits and newer values in people that matter to you and your legacy. 

Help people in your family, team and organisation become innately skilled at Conversational Programming. And by doing so, foster a culture in your business & family where people naturally evolve each other and learn faster than ever.

In this course, you develop the systemic intelligence, business intelligence and capabilities it takes to understand businesses across industries & sectors to the point that you can recognise the minimal transformation in the business owner and the business model that will lead to a dramatic evolution of the business. Also learn to evolve Business intelligence in your team members and family to help them get several decades ahead in their careers and business and in the process, evolve unparalleled excellence in your ecosystem.