Resources to support the work done at uP!, to refer and reflect after the post uP! consultation. This contains reading material, videos around the common mindset shifts introduced at uP! along with videos on the NLP Procedures that you have learned to do. 

A&H Recommended Routine would be: 

1. Get Inspired Watching the Accelerated Success Stories. 
2. Model Harini singing at-least twice a week (for state choice and more)
3. Model Antano's trance Induction once a week (for vocal choice and language sensitivity)
4. Listen to Solar Voice when you are driving or going to Sleep 
5. Watch the Video and Articles as and when you feel like it. 

This course should be accessed only after one has completed Conversational Programming Mastery program. The purpose of this program is to accelerate your mastery of Conversational programming as you rivet your attention on doing immersive assignments for 3-6 months after the program. And thereby, surprise yourself as you find these skills spilling into varied contexts of your life, blissfully! :)

The techniques you need to learn, the mindset you need to develop and the tools you will have to become familiar with before attending Conversational Programming Mastery in person.

When you meet A&H during CPM they are going to focus on personalizing these tools for you and building in the capabilities along with the installations required for you to achieve Conversational Programming Mastery.

Mastering Conversational Programming is the Easiest way to Weave in Influence most credibly. It's a Skill of Advanced Human Communication. One that will Change your Life.

CPM enables you to Enhance the Quality of Performance and Relationship with Family members in your immediate circle that impact you, Your Team members, partners, experts, and those senior to you as well...